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Your nearest building inspector is based in the Canterbury Region. Simply call us or request a free quote online and our friendly team will assist you.

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Your nearest building inspector is based in the Canterbury Region. Ready to get started? You can request a free quote here.


What is a building inspection?

A building inspection is a report that provides advice on the physical condition of any given building. The report is independent and therefore helps individuals make informed decisions, most commonly around buying a property or not.

These reports only report a specific moment in time, therefore it’s important to make sure any report you use is up to date and accurately reflects the property it is associated with.

A key reason people obtain building inspection reports is for risk management purposes. Building Inspection reports can assist with insurance claims, dispute resolution, legal compliance and regulations that aid to inform around extension and renovation decisions.

Why choose us?

Fully Insured – a We have a full and comprehensive professional indemnity and public liability insurance as part of our commitment to our clients.

Fast Delivery – Our building inspection reports are carried out on iPads and generally emailed to you within 24 hours of completion.

Whats services do we provide?

Jim’s Building Inspections offers a range of inspection services. Our most common type of inspection is the standard building inspection. This inspection type is often used before the purchase of a property, to ensure that the property meets buyer expectations and that there are no hidden defects. For a full range of our services, please refer to the side navigation on this page.

Our Story

Jim’s Building Inspections Marlborough

Our Story

Jim’s Building Inspections is Australia’s largest and foremost building inspection company. Our inspectors are known for the expertise, experience and exceptional customer service. Established in 2011 Jim’s Building Inspections has revolutionised the way building inspections reports are conducted and shared. Our Build Inspect App means that customers can get reports in 24 hours of the inspection and in a format that is easy to understand. Jim’s Building Inspection is now building on this successes and hope to provide the same great service to New Zealand.